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Five recent lies, hypocrisy and myths about Israel

Dave Gordon - Sunday, 17 May, 2015

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These past couple of months has seen no shortage of media coverage on Israel and its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Everywhere from the Israeli prime ministerís speech to Congress, to his speech to AIPAC, to the elections in the Jewish State, opinion makers have found every possible fault or faux pas, no matter how miniscule, no matter how imagined, and milked the controversies.

But thatís come to be expected with regard to Israel Ė since every action of that state, the size of New Jersey, is given disproportionately large attention, singled out, and looked at through a microscope no other nation ever is.

Whatís different about these recent news items, in particular, was a noxious cocktail of the mediaís reports, and the Obama administrationís words and actions, fraught with myths, hypocrisy and outright lies.

1. The media and the Obama administration, causing much public consternation and scandal, perpetuated the story that Netanyahu never sought consent from the White House to speak to Congress. He did.

2.  The media perpetuated the falsehood that Netanyahu, the day before the election, backtracked on his promise to pursue a Palestinian state. He didnít.

3.  In terms of #2, Obama harshly condemned Bibiís words on this so-called backtracking. (Apparently now there are consequences for those imagined words.)

Obama, however, overlooks the Iranian leadersí words encouraging terrorism.

4. Netanyahu visits DC and critiques a single policy of a sitting president (on Iran.) Itís widely considered to be ďinappropriateĒ, ďdestructiveĒ, ďharmfulĒ and in poor taste.

But the president can travel to Jerusalem two years earlier, and roll out a laundry list of complaints against the sitting Israeli leader and his government. Thatís considered acceptable.

5.  The president refuses to meet the Israeli PM during his visit, citing reasons he wanted to remain neutral during an Israeli election. But his State Department can meddle in Israeli elections, using resources and money to try to unseat the prime minister.

In light of these and a long list of other issues prior, itís no wonder that so many have concluded President Obama holds much disdain for Benjamin Netanyahu.

Some, in fact, have even asserted the possibility of the US leaderís outright disdain for Israel, and indifference towards Jews.


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